I started this blog as a way of sharing the inspiring ideas and images that come my way through my work as an interior designer. I’m constantly exposed to new artists, products and spaces that help to shape my perspective, and I’m thrilled to share them with you. You can also sneak a peek at what I'm currently working on by following my Instagram. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

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Fornasetti Wallpaper

I've loved Fornasetti for a while now. The face of Lina Cavalieri obsessively depicted a thousand different ways was charming, beautiful and mysterious, and I was hooked. The same sort of whimsical appeal runs throughout Cole & Son's Fornasetti line of wallpapers. From owls to tandem cyclists, there's something about them I can't resist. They would be great anywhere, but I would love to paper a closet or a powder room with these. It's just enough of the unpredictable to create a little element of surprise.