I started this blog as a way of sharing the inspiring ideas and images that come my way through my work as an interior designer. I’m constantly exposed to new artists, products and spaces that help to shape my perspective, and I’m thrilled to share them with you. You can also sneak a peek at what I'm currently working on by following my Instagram. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

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I'm working on a project with a concrete ceiling right now. As a solution for a lack of overhead lighting, we are building soffits which will house recessed lights as well as pendants for over the dining table. The tricky part is, the architecture of the space (diagonals, window placement etc...) makes it difficult to place a fixture directly over the center of the dining table, so we're opting for something asymmetrical that won't be too heavy. That's how I came across the Bocci 21 Collection. Thin sheets of porcelain allow light to pass through, and each shape has slight variations that take on an organic look when assembled together. I'm hooked, and if I don't get to use them in this project, I will definitely be using them in my own home someday!